Whether you are called to be a bus driver, usher, nursery worker, or faithful church member, First Baptist Church of New Castle has a place for you to minister and be ministered to.  With classes and activities for all ages from newborns to great-grandparents, we are here for you in every stage of life to encourage you, disciple you, and equip you to serve the Lord with whatever skills and talents He has blessed you with.  We believe that He has called each of us to specific ministries, and those ministries can be most effective when the people within them are serving out of ‘calling’ instead of ‘convenience’.  God doesn’t want our ability, He just wants our availability!  With no regard for age, background, or walk of life, the Lord can and will use all of us when we are willing.  He will enable us to grow by ministering to us, so that He can then begin to minister through us.  Some of the ministries of First Baptist of New Castle include:

Sunday School

G.L.O.W Teens

Ladies Fellowship

Men’s Prayer Group

Golden Heirs