G.L.O.W Teens

In a world where standing for what is Biblical is viewed as closed-minded, where faithfulness to   God is viewed as fanatical, and where Christ-centered living is viewed as Puritanism, it can be hard to be a Christian teen. Our teen program, G.L.O.W. (Go Light Our World), seeks to educate and empower teens within our community to serve the Lord Jesus Christ with faithfulness and fervor, wholeheartedly and unashamedly. Teen classes are held during the Sunday School hour at 10 am and on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. During these times, Christian adults who have a heart and understanding for teens teach them how to stand and grow as Christians through faithfulness to God’s house, how to face difficulties by faithfulness to God’s Word, and how to seek God’s will for their lives by faithfulness to prayer. The teens of First Baptist of New Castle are challenged to be faithful witnesses in their communities to aptly represent the claim that the program’s name implies – teens that will Go Light Our World. In addition to scheduled class times, the teens enjoy regularly scheduled day trips, teen rallies, seasonal activities, and the like, where they can bond with fellow Christians and learn that serving God holds more fun and fulfillment than anything this world has to offer.